Forum: FPGA, VHDL & Verilog Verilog on GW1NZ-1 - why not work :-(

von Kajetan K. (kmk68)

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I have a lot of experience in analog and digital electronics
(30 years is quite a lot, I think. The first ten years professionally)
and quite a lot in programming (the last 20 years professionally) :-)
Well I am no longer young, fact, and I took to such novelties
such as Verilog ;-)

Here I am a novice. This is my first layout.

I need a multiplexer and demultiplexer for a device
in which I don't have enough space to simply add a board
Universal with several CMOS chips.

So I came up with that I would use the GOVIN GW1NZ-1 universal board.
The code as below. It is not complicated. It compiles without
errors and warnings. It programs without error messages
Both to SRAM memory and to embedded FLASH.

Only - after programming the circuit does not work - it does not respond 
to the switching address lines and csel. NOTHING.

Maybe I don't know something, maybe I forgot something? Code is 
attached. It is not large.

Please help me.

von Vancouver (vancouver)

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So, the simulation behaves as expected, I assume?

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