Forum: Analog Circuits SAMSUNG TV, UE55H6290SS, Need schematics

von Josef A. (Company: a.D.) (juptec)

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Hello all!
The described TV above shows, when switched on, only the number 48 on 
the right edge of the screen (cannel 48 ?!) for a few (5?) seconds. Then 
it switches off and on again within the next second ...
This cycle runs endless. The remote control can only manage on/off! 
Nothing else. When on, I can see, that the whole screen ist active (very 
soft bue), but no content ...
I have measured at the Power Supply board BN44-00711A on a described 
Jumper for: STBY: 6,4V | ON: 8,5V ... but it should be: STBY: 8V | ON: 
13V !!!
Can somebody help me in finding schematics - at least for the power 
supply board BN44-00711A?!
Many thanks! Josef

von Josef A. (Company: a.D.) (juptec)

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Sorry, could'nt delete the 2nd image ...

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