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von BoardDev (boarddev)

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Hi everyone. Non-engineer here looking to validate an element of my 

I am running a small research project which involves managing one PCB 
designer. Our objective is to design a board capable of capturing low 
amplitude biometric signals. We've been through many iterations of our 
PCB but the signal is still very noisy compared to other devices used in 
the same location on the body.

Our engineer says this is because hand-assembling PCBs inherently 
results in a noisier board than machine assembly would (we've tried 
machine assembly - still noisy). I wanted to validate whether or not we 
should expect to see any difference in signal quality between hand 
assembled boards and machine assembled boards?

von H. H. (Guest)

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von Flip B. (frickelfreak)

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As long as all the flux is cleaned off of leakage sensitive circuits 
and you do not overcook the components, the performance of both assembly 
methods will be the same.

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