Forum: PCB Design & Technology Would appreciate your assistance in improving my PCB rapid prototyping skills

von Basil B. (basil_boluk)

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I'm a freelancer working on my own startup in Hw + Sw. I'm new to 
Mikrocontroller.net forum and ask you not to judge me. I've read the 
rules, it's not an advertisement but a support question. To improve my 
skills in PCB and SMD prototyping, 3D modeling and package printing, and 
to try out the technology, I would like to offer some free orders using 
my own materials and equipment except the cost of electronic components. 
I'm looking for such free orders for rapid prototyping of PCBs and 3D 
printed enclosures as well as other design elements. I've a laboratory 
with the necessary equipment. I offer free performance of at least the 
first 5 of all orders in January-February 2023. I ensure the protection 
of your copyrights during the implementation of orders and try to meet 
your expectations of high-quality results. Delivery time 3-4 days. Full 
details at the link - 

This offer is not fully commercial. While I might continue to do 
prototyping orders on a paid basis for a limited time to supplement my 
startup budget, that is not my goal. It's easy to see that. The main 
goal of why I'm here is to join the forum community, exchange ideas, and 
get assistance with circuit development and writing code for AVR and 
STM32. I'm also looking for another technical co-founder and some 
mentors for the DeepTech startup Augmented Reality Head-Up Display 
Fullface Mask for defense, fire, security and medical applications. I 
would like to suggest you our short pitch deck: 

Best regards


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