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von Actinium (Guest)

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Hello :)

I'm a bachelor student in electrical engineering and information 
technology. Currently, i'm working on my bachelor thesis about the 
migration of an old In-Circuit-Tester from Rohde & Schwarz (TSA/TSAS) to 
a new system from SPEA (SPEA 3030 compact). My task is to develop an 
application that makes the new SPEA system work with the old adapters 
from the Rohde & Schwarz tester, without modifying the adapters 

I've got a basic understanding about the R&S tester, but what i'm 
lacking is the documentation/more in-depth information about this 
device. There also seems to be no information on the internet about the 
tester at all.

For the SPEA ICT there's more superficial information on the internet, 
but there is no pinout/documentation of its inner workings, so that I 
can fully grasp how it behaves and works.

Does anyone have good knowledge/understanding or the documentation about 
those ICTs?

Thank you in advance


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