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von Theliadir T. (theliadir)

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I am building a small electronics project.
In it I want to use a rechargeable Li-Po battery.
I use this Li-Po:

Now I am looking for a battery management system.
My project is quite small, so I also need a BMS as small as possible. I 
found this module.

There are other modules which specifically have an input for voltage 
charging and an output for the load.

Can I connect the battery as in the picture? (Charging and load directly 
connected to the battery)
Does the battery charge when it's connected to the power or do I have to 
break the circuit to the load while charging?
Or do I need a different BMS?

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von pegelwendler (Guest)

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Your module doesn't include a protection against discharging below safe 
This one does: https://de.aliexpress.com/item/32930640893.html
Also, I would strongly consider limiting the charge current. Your module 
(and mine) state 1A by default. Your battery has 240 mAh and will likely 
be fried if you actually pump it with 1A.
If possible, limit the charge current to something way below 1A.
Table for appropriate resitor here:
Personally, I'd go with 70 mA.

von Theliadir T. (theliadir)

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Thank you very much.
Very helpful.

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