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von Vicharak (Guest)

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We thought of making one kind of new SBC where we make combined board 
with powerful processor and some nice FPGA chipset!

We technically researched thru every SBC with FPGA or raspberry pi hats 
first and found the useful cases. Our idea was to make something under 
119$ and still have powerful features .We found a right processor and 
FPGA later-words and it’s also in price range.

We already have spent 6 months of our efforts in making this board ( 3 
person full time ) and will spend more. Most of you have much higher 
experience then us, so here is what we need from you, and it's about 
suggestions! ( Bad or good i am open to all ).

It has the powerful six core ARM processor.
- 4GB LPDDR4 RAM connected to processor.
- All the other peripheral features kind of raspberry pi.
- We have type c 3.0 output connected to processor.
- WiFi Dual mode and BLE5,
- 2USB2.0,
- One USB 3.0,
- Gigabit Ethernet,
- PCIexpress,
- Headphone and MIC both
MIPI DPI , MIPI CSI-2 , All connected to processors!

Now here comes an interesting part, the FPGA is directly connected to 
processor via 2 fast transmission channel ( upto 1Gb/s ) and other small 
channels ( UART, I2C, SPI, GPIOs )
FPGA have two options 85K Le and 120K Les.

- We have 20 channel LVDS TX and 20 Channel LVDS RX ( They have hardened 
stack in FPGA, so it do not consumes any of your logic gates if you want 
to use it ) connected to FPGA output in board with new kind of 
- MIPI CSI-2 TX and RX connected to FPGA ( For video based applications 
, hardened in FPGA do not consumes any of your logic gates).
- 20 GPIO in pin headers ( Including Modbus ).
- 512MB DDR3 RAM
This board we want to dedicate to a FPGA community, that we all are 
waiting for somehow!
We still are in making of this board, so give us a best ideas how you 
want to be turn around, here is a first glimpse of it, hope you all will 
love it!

von Dergute W. (derguteweka)

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Sounds all pretty nice. How useful it will be later, will be highly 
dependent upon the availability / licensing issues of FPGA design 
software and on which platforms (Win, Linux, ...)it really runs smootly.
Also important in my view: Availability of documentation and/or 
sourcecode of the powerful 6 core ARM SoC. (Maybe not only) for me of 
special interest would be the HW accelerated VideoCodecs and the 
Encryption Unit of the SoC, if there are any (i'd expect them, because 
otherwise the Video In/Out interfaces would cause much less fun). If 
there's no Documentation or just crappy binary blobs available i'd 
consider them to be of no real use.
But that's just my 2 ct. Keep up the good work!


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