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von Sandra L. (sandralaz)

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Anyone to help me with this task, please?

Develop a VHDL model of the PULSE TIMER component that will have the 
following interface:

fclk - FPGA clock,
out - timer output,
delay - time delay in µs after which the timer starts to generate 
rectangular pulses,
width - time of generating rectangular pulses in µs,
period - period of rectangular pulses in µs.
sflag - status bit that indicates to the top model that the pulse 
generation process is complete. Bit sets to 1 for a period of 5 µs after 
which it switches to state 0.

Assume that the value of the signal width is an integer product of the 

Test the TIMER component by implementing a testbench program that will 
generate pulses after 105 µs, duration 50 µs and periods 10 µs.

-All models are called top.
-Top model in testbench is called top_tb.
-FPGA clock is 100MHz.

von Lothar M. (lkmiller) (Moderator)

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You should start your homework yourself. And then you can ask when you 
encounter specific problems.

Begin with the port list...

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von Sandra L. (sandralaz)

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Unfortunately, I do not know how to solve this task, because this is 
more difficult than the knowledge he provided to us. So i really need 
someone to do my whole task... 


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