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von Eb W. (Company: n/a) (eb_w)

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Hi all,

I just joined this forum and I have a question please.

I have set up the Ard-tester on a breadboard using an Arduino Uno, an 
20x4 LC display with I2c interface. The I2C interface is connected the 
the SDA and SCL pin on the Arduino.

The six resistors are connected to pin # D8,9,10,11,12 and 13 and the 
combination d8/9 to pin A0, D10/11 to A1 and D12/13 to A2, hence becomng 
TP1, TP2 and TP3 accordingly.

So far I have and can measure resistors, capacitors and transistors with 
between 1.5 and 5% accuracy. Note: the 6 resistors are 10% plus/minus, 
but will be replaced by the more accurate 0.1% resistors once all 
problems are sorted out.

My question:
Can I substitute D6 and D7 for D12 and D13 to avoid influence from the 
internal LED and pull-up resistor on the Uno board????

If so, how can I do this? Your advice please


Kind regards/Best 73's de Eb W. ZL4RM/PA0JAG

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