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von gamer87 (Guest)

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If I have used electronic devices manufactured since 1990 and I store 
them for how many days, months or years without use they can be stored 
without the risk of this disuse causing any damage and depolarization of 
the electrolytic capacitors???

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von Jens M. (schuchkleisser)

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It's like with speed: it's not the speed that kills, it's the sudden 
So, you can store devices for like 100 years without any problems except 

On the first power on after some time you should be wary. How long "some 
time" is depends totally on the hardware and quality of the parts.

If there's nothing wet on there, the time is very long.
With cheap electrolytics en masse you may get 3 years and it still 
explodes when powered up controlled and slowly.

You may look for people restoring old radios, they know how old hardware 
behaves and can be revived.

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