Forum: µC & Digital Electronics STM32 Timer multiple compare values with DMA

von energetic (Guest)

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Hello to all STM32 experts out there,

is it possible to have multiple compare values for a running timer 
together with DMA?

To be more precise: I am having an array of ten compare values (which do 
not follow any pattern), e.g.
uint16_t compare_vals = { 100, 160, 200, 320, ... };
And now I want to toggle a GPIO pin whenever the running timer reaches 
the next value.
Of course I could just set the new compare value within the ISR of the 
previous one, but it would be pretty neat if this can be done with DMA. 
In way that the the DMA automatically takes the next value from the 
array and sets it as compare value.

Is this possible or has anybody done something like this?

Best regards,

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