Forum: Analog Circuits 3S LiIon BMS ESP 32

von Max A. (max_mma)

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I am looking for a BMS for 3S Li Ion batteries. It should be designed to 
protect against total discharge and
Short circuit and what else you need to protect. Also I want to
use my ESP 32 to query the charge status of the battery pack.
Unfortunately, I don't know whether a BMS is also there to charge the 
batteries and whether you need battery balancing. I am brand new to this 
topic and glad about tips and board suggestions from you guys
looking forward

von matzetronics (Guest)

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Depending on your affinity to dumpster diving I'd go for a readymade 
11.1V battery pack from a notebook. They contain over- and undervoltage 
protection and a controller which you can query using SMBus - a slower 
version of I²C bus.
The cells are already selected for equal performance so you could spare 
the balancing and charging is done via a constant-current first, 
constant voltage later circuit for 12.6V nominal charging voltage.
Thy can also deliver high currents in case you need them.

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