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von Max S. (mav2010)

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Hi everyone,

I would need support in identifying an IC. It is out of a PCB of a 3rd 
party Lego Technic battery box. It went up in smoke due to a short and I 
need a replacement.

It is a SOIC-8 IC with only number labeling. "238050" in the first row 
and "041" in the second row. It think it's a MOSFET or transistor, since 
2 3.3V input channels switch 2 Vcc output channels. But I failed to find 
any IC with this PIN layout:

1 - Input 1 (0V or 3.3V)
2 - Input 2 (0V or 3.3V)
3 - GND
4 - Vcc (8.2V)
5 - Output 2 (0V or 8.2V)
6 - not connected (I think)
7 - not connected (I think)
8 - Output 1 (0V or 8.2V)

Does anyone have a clue, what this is exactly?


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von Barkana A. (abdberkana)

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Hi, yes it look like dual mosfet IC. Could you provide the votage of the 
You can check those mosfet ic here (https://www.tmartis.com)

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