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von Borda A. (borda_a)

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Good evening Forum,

I am in pose of 2 stabilock 4031 an exit works very well the second with 
an error of the modulator fm I cross the cards all ok, the failure is 
found in the frequency modulator board around the ic pll mc145106fn pllc 
the problem I do not not the diagrams of this card (461 457 08) after my 
measurements on the PLL pin 3 (end) 362.545mhz, pin 4 (Oscin) 1.650mhz 
pin 8 (Detout) not stable voltage varies a lot, SELF CHECK led lights 
up. If not assard someone who could help me with the documentation
thank you.

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von Petra (Guest)

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Here you canfind the manual, hopefully with the needed module:
In my case a coil to the capacity diode was broken. So the oscillator 
frequency could not be trimmed. Also check the SMD elco's. the sealing 
ist often defective and the acid detroys the PCB

von Antonio (Guest)

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Good evening,

 Thank you for your answer the capacitors I all replaced, for the 
service manual I download in another source, the problem in the fm 
modulator module there is a card that does not correspond with the 
diagram it is another version, the problem  of the failure the pll does 
not lock the voltage varies not stable.  Greeting

von Antonio (Guest)

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I found the broken coil l6 cut 10uH + GL4 GL5 diode, it is found in the 
FM-Modulator 217 031s card in the FREQUENCY MODULATOR board in the RX FM 
point 8 line.
the problem is the reference of the coil what type can I use?
have a good week-end


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