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von If G. (ifgid)

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Hey there,
I am searching somethig like the TP4056, but the TP4056 battery charger 
just has 1A input and 1.5A ouput(I am not sure sure about the output, 
but I think it's correct). Does any knows a charger board with 2A input 
and 3A(15W) output?

Thank you!

von Arno (Guest)

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I'm pretty certain the TP4056 is a linear charger, so the charging 
current won't be higher than the input current ;)

Linear Technology has a couple of LiPo chargers with >3A charge current: 

Those are switching mode chargers, so not as easy to use as linear ones.


von If G. (ifgid)

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Thank you for your reply :), but I did not express myself well :( I am 
So I am searching a charger which can deliver 2A for charging and the 
output from the battery then should be higher, but 3A charging and 3A 
output also should work fine, since I have a capacity of 6A?!


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