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von yk_learner (Guest)

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Hi there,

I am trying to perform skin detection from an image in Verilog. I am 
looking forward for a simulation.

The image is of resolution 1200x900 ie, contains 1080000 pixels. Each
pixel is represented by 24-bit RGB data in the hex file generated by
MATLAB. 8 bits to represent intensities of R, G and B components in each
pixel. So each line represents R/G/B component. Three lines represent a
pixel, so total of 3240000 lines represent the complete image in the hex 
file generated.

From the hex file of the image that is read, I need to get selectively 
the skin pixels by applying sort based on normal RGB value range of 
human skin. I am interested in forming a greyscale image - darkened for 
skin pixels and white for the rest. This pixel values of greyscaled 
image is written to a text and later to be read in matlab to get the 
image out of it which would be the skin shade.

Could you please share some light on this (code bits or relevant
materials) on how to read the image hex values in verilog so that i can 
proceed to apply RGB based processing on the pixel values?


von hm ;) (Guest)

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maybe new to you... there is a quite cool tool on internet named 

keywords "verilog read hex values" gives alot results..


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