Forum: µC & Digital Electronics IoT Hackathon - Integrate Everything with IOTA

von DANIEL D. (Company: IOT2TANGLE) (carpincho)

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IOT2TANGLE, together with Bosch Connectivity, STMicroelectronics, 
Espressif and other IoT companies, is calling for the best IoT/IOTA 
open-source integrations. We are expecting to see submissions related to 
Smart Cities, Smart Agriculture, Supply Chain Tracking, E-Health and 
Environmental Control.

Check the Hackathon website to learn more about the contest and the 
amazing prizes for the top 5 winners.


von The GNU (Guest)

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>  Your project must be open-source and licenced under Apache 2.0 Licence.

Why can't we use the GPL for the code?

von detlef (Guest)

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With GPL they could not integrate in theire proparitary products ;)

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