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von Lukas Schmidt-Wiegand (Guest)

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Hi people,

I am looking for quiet servo motors that have a high torque (60kg or in 
NCM this would be 1500 ncm I think). Such parts from the RC area I mean.

We already have some 60kg Servos from china on the table, but they are 
quite loud. I also read more often that the cheap servos from china 
often break.

Does anyone know a good/reliable manufacturer of servo motors? And 
ideally another one for such very quiet ones?

Thanks for your help

Many greetings Lukas

von Toby P. (Guest)

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Silent Stepper drivers?

von blubb (Guest)

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Torque alone does not define much about the motor,
which other constrains do we have (size, power class, drive technologie, 
interfacing etc. )

von Lukas Schmidt-Wiegand (Guest)

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Good Morning and thank you for your answer.

@Tobi P.
I thought silent stepper drivers are just for stepper motors not for 


To be more specific:
size: Max. 83mm x 30mm x 55mm
weight: as light as possible
power class: Max 12V,
drive technology/ interfacing: i would prefer a driver that can be 
controlled with an arduino library, i am not that much into this theme 
so i cant give a precise answer to this

I hope this helps, please tell me if you need more informations.

I have one more question, what do you think about adding foam between 
the engine and the housing as sound insulation, would that be bad for 
the cooling of the engine or would it be expected that the engine would 
break down?

Thank you.

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