Forum: µC & Digital Electronics identify the µC of a LCU?

von Michael B. (Company: Schaeffler Group) (pantaleon)

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I would like to know how to identify the µC of an automotive LCU or its 
performance (frequency, memories,...). Is there a way to do that without 
a tear-down? If a tear-down is necessary, how to proceed in case the 
device is not marked? Or, how to proceed in case the µC is a bare die? 
Thank you.

PS: I am just a mechanical engineer. Hence, please explain it in "Sesame 
Street style"

von larry (Guest)

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Without tear-down, your only hope is to grab schematics/tech doc.
For unmarked chip, or bare die (under an epoxy blob), you can only 
de-cap (using very hot highly concentrated nitric acid) and a very good 
microscope using polarized light. Then you need to identify the die.... 
Good luck !
The next problem will be the software embedded in the chip. Most chips 
have built-in safety fuses preventing reverse engineering.
If you want to have an overview of this impossible task, visit Ken 
Shiriff's blog (www.righto.com). This should show you the amount of 
money you need to invest...

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