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von SMS (Data I/O) Sprint Optima help needed (Guest)

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Greetings to everyone!

I'm electric engineer and I have to program MACH 211 and MACH 435 (non 
very old cplds. I searhed on the internet many many hours, but I 
couldn't find any information how these devices are programming, how the 
programmers are programming these cplds. Unlike such as Microchip PIC 
controllers Programming Specifications.

I bought a SMS Sprint Optima programmer from ebay with TOP40DIP top. The 
S449 and S464 adapters (of course) missig for me.

If You have any information about these adapters schematic, or the MACHs 
parallel (I think, cause I monitored the programmer pins with 
oscilloscope) programming method, please share with me! I welcome all 

If anyone has a sale S449, S464 adapter or TOP1PLC please let me know.

Sorry for my english, thanks for the help:

von Soul E. (souleye)

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MACH211-PLCC can be programmed with TOP1PLC or TOP44. A S449 adapter is 
required for TOP48 / TOP40A only. These have DIL sockets, so S449 could 
be just a mechanical adapter for PLCC.

Similar with MACH435. Here TOP1 can be used out of the box while TOP48 
and TOP40A require S464

AMD resp. Lattice (Vantis) never relesed the programming specifications 
to public. So if any non-certified programmer supports these devices, it 
is based on reverse engineering.

von Steve (Guest)

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Thank You for Your quick answer.

That is the reason why I'm searching S449, S464 adapters or TOP1PLC top.


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