Forum: Analog Circuits Test Cases to measure INL and DNL in SAR ADC

von Adithya P. (pai)

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I have modeled acquisition and conversion of SAR ADC in LTSpice, Spec 
which i used is 

I wanted to measure offset error, gain error, INL , DNL performance 
Unfortunately when i observed when I give input as ramp signal since 
there is  acq and conv cycles. I miss some of the data same in sine 
During conversion there is no acquisition that what i have assumed and 

I have attached screenshot of output. Here I have give ramp signal to 
measure quantitation error and V(005) is output after DAC from ADC I am 
subtracting it V(out)-V(in). Is this the right way?

How to procure transfer function  test case in SAR ADC?
Test and measure offset error, gain error, INL , DNL performance specs 

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