Forum: ARM programming with GCC/GNU tools WinARM compiling issues on Windows 10

von Muhammad Moiz K. (Company: None) (moizengr92)

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Hi there,

I recently started using WinARM for the software development of LPC2148 
and followed all the steps mentioned by WinARM which include:-

- Installed and put WinARM folder on C:\  (For e.g : C:\WinARM)
- Set environment variable path C:\WinARM\bin  C:\WinARM\utils\bin

Now after following all the above steps, I compiled one of the example 
code provided by WinARM using Programmer Notepad but the following error 
is encountered:-

ledswitch.c:72: fatal error: opening dependency file .dep/ledswitch.o.d: 
No such file or directory

Can someone assist me in this regard, the prompt response would be 
highly appreciated.

Moiz khan

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