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von Slash M. (slashwastheman)

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hi guys
Im trying to get an htrc110 and pic32 to make a 125khz tag reader.
I already have all the pcb parts of this project done but the code part 
is where i need help.
I've already read the datasheet plenty of times but it doesn't really 
help with the development of code.
Anyone have some tips on how to aproach this?
I have the nxp control library but its incredibly hard to understand how 
to use it.


von Rémi (Guest)

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Hi Slash M.,

I am a develop engineer from Switzerland focusing on a current project 
related to HTRC110. I would like to have your nxp control library since 
I have no access to this documentation.

Besides, I have already started coding and I would like to discuss with 

My email address is xunshuo1995@gmail.com.

Thanks for your attention and I am looking for your reply.


von David (Guest)

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Some info I found in a chinese web.. Hope it helps

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