Forum: µC & Digital Electronics Current value Measured differs form the data sheet value in Low Power Sleep Mode for STM32L433Rc-p

von Jojo varghese (Guest)

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Why the current measured form the microcontroller(Stm64 Nucleo L433RC- 
LPSleep mode) differ from the current value written in the datasheet?
Hallo Everyone,

I am using STM32L433RC -p microcontroller for current measurement. The 
current in the microcontroller was measured using STM32L496VGT6 module.
I was doing current measurement for Low Power Mode(Low Power Sleep 

The current  value given in the datasheet is in the raange of 
but the value which i read form the microcontroller is in the the range 
of milliampere.

Actually I tried both ways, by configuring myself and also from the 
examples provided in the CubeMx Software. In both cases current 
measurement was in the range of microampere.

Can anyone provide suggestions, what can be the possible reasons for the 
variation in current?

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