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von Sasa D. (fibra)

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Hi everybody! My name is Sasha and this is my first post here.

As I understand this forum is English version of Mikrocontroller.net so 
it is very strange search found nothing about Wordclock project.

I have built myself this amazing clock based on PCB from Shapelabs: 
It was working fine few days than it freezes 2 times and finally stopped 
working. It is completely blank now or it have just 4 (minutes LEDs) on. 
LED test shows LEDs are fine. DFPlayer plays the sound manually. IR 
remote does not work.

Hooking it up on serial monitor it shows all parts are online but from 
web interface RTC, EEPROM and DFPlayer are offline!
LDR shows no values, DS1820 shows no temperature, time does not update, 
there are no Animations, it forgets change in settings I make after 
powering off. I have tried to update firmware and reset EEPROM, but no 
Welcome to WordClock Logger!
power_init() called
switching power on
Version: 2.9.5
Hardware: STM32F103
Display: WC12h
LEDs: WS2812 GRB
rtc is online
eeprom is online
ws2812: external pullup detected
eeprom is online
current eeprom version: 0x00000000
updating EEPROM to version 0x00020900... done
read rtc: Su 2000-01-01 00:00:13
read rtc: Su 2000-01-01 00:00:13
DFPlayer: SD card online
DFPlayer: query software version
DFPlayer: Version 0008
DFPlayer: set source device: 2
DFPlayer: set eq 0
DFPlayer: set volume 0
DFPlayer is up
dfplayer is online
esp8266 now up
(- setup UDP)
(- local port: 2421)
(- setup server UDP)
(- local port: 2424)
(FIRMWARE 2.9.5)
(- tables found; wc12h-tables-en2.txt)
(- check tables successful)
--> tabinfo<0d><0a>
(- connected to AP)
(AP crvenkapa)
(MODE client)
info: ip address =  

von stefanus (Guest)

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Measure the Voltage on SDA and SCL lines, which should be 3,3V in idle 

If not, then remove one I²C chip after the other and powercycle the 
device until the voltage is Ok.

If you removed everything but the voltage is still not 3,3V then a 
pull-up resistor is possibly not working or you have a short-circuit to 


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