Forum: ARM programming with GCC/GNU tools Transistor Tester Compiling Error

von rufooth (Guest)

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avr-gcc -mmcu=atmega328p -Wl,--relax,-Map=TransistorTester.map 
lcd_hw_4_bit.o lcd-routines.o i2lcd.o PinLayout.o RvalOut.o UfAusgabe.o 
DisplayValue.o lcd-draw.o swuart.o wait1000ms.o  sleep_5ms.o ReadADC.o 
wait_for_key_ms.o RefVoltage.o get_log.o main.o Battery_check.o 
CheckPins.o GetResistance.o ChargePin10ms.o EntladePins.o ReadCapacity.o 
GetRLmultip.o Calibrate_UR.o show_Resis_Cap.o ReadInductance.o GetESR.o 
GetVloss.o GetFrequency.o function_menu.o message_key_released.o 
ReadBigCap.o CheckRotaryEncoder.o CalibrationCap.o ShowData.o CheckUJT.o 
EE_check_init.o samplingADC.o sampling_cap.o sampling_lc.o 
sampling_xtal.o    -o TransistorTester.elf
collect2: fatal error: ld terminated with signal 6 [Перервано]
compilation terminated.
*** stack smashing detected ***: <unknown> terminated
make: *** [../finish.mk:88: TransistorTester.elf] Помилка 1

gcc-avr 1:5.4.0+Atmel3.6.1-2

TransistorTester.elf size zero!

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