Forum: PCB Design & Technology Anyone tried CircuitHub or Macrofab?

von Mikiko A. (Company: Tamron) (tutu10)

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I recently found out about CircuitHub and Macrofab. Both companies seem 
to be great options for hobbyists. I submitted a design for a small 
Arduino-type board, about 1.5"x1.5" with 27 components on two sides. 
Macrofab quotes $31 for a single board, $251 for 10, and $1,847 for 100. 
CircuitHub quotes $188 for a single board, $315 for 10, and $1420 for 
100. These seem like reasonable prices for small batches, which includes 
manufacture and assembly of the PCBs. Even better, I can just dump my 
Eagle files directly into the website; no need to generate my own BOM 
and gerbers beforehand.

Has anyone on this forum used either of these services? I haven't found 
any reviews online, but there's been plenty of press. I'd like to hear 
some opinions and stories of your experiences (lead times, customer 
service, quality, etc.)

von Michael P. (Company: Dynamic Structures and Materia) (mperry)

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I have been using Macrofab for over 3 years now.  Being able to see real 
time pricing for full turnkey and immediately know the effect of 
changing quantity is great.

They did have some growing pains in the beginning, and we had some 
diodes installed upside down, but they were great to work with and made 
everything right in the end.

I have only ordered 2 to 6 layer boards from them, but part placement 
and board quality have never been an issue.

Hope this helps.

von Ainsworth P. (Company: IBM) (penelopeainsworth)

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 In my experience, Macrofab offers excellent customer service and 
reasonable lead times, but CircuitHub's quality and assembly precision 
have been top-notch.
With CircuitHub being slightly faster on one occasion.

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