Forum: DSP USB to I2S adapter for audio transceiver

von ilans (Guest)

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Hello, all!

I need an adapter / bridge to connect a MEMS tranceiver to my PC, to 
stream audio data for DSP purposes.

The tranceiver can either send or receive PDM data at up to 3.072mHz 
(based on clock input).

I suppose I need an I2S-USB adapter / bridge, that also comes with a 
driver software, where I can set direction, data and clock rate.

It should be fast and reliable enough to allow real-time DSP analysis on 
the PC.

Can you please recommend such a tool?


von Andreas S. (andreas) (Admin)

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Take a look at XMOS, they have an open source implementation of USB <-> 
I2S/TDM for their chips. There are quite a few boards sold for this 
purpose, e.g.: http://jlsounds.com/i2soverusb_n.html

von derguteweka (Guest)

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Nothing out-of-the-box, but it somehow looks for me like it might be 
doable with some STM32 µC e.g. by combining the Application Notes AN5027 
and AN4711.


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