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von rtuz2th (Guest)

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I don't know if this is the right place for the question, if not, please 
point me to the right direction and close this thread. I've got a big 
bunch of atmels xmega64a3 soldered onto a custom pcb board. I figured 
out the io ports of the chip that connect to everything that is 
controlled by this pcb, this includes some motors and magnets, a 
wireless module and a costum lcd display that made me lose my mind for 
the past months. I dug in so deep that I bought an Atmel AT AVR ISP mk2 
from amazon, frankensteined it to one of the pcbs and investigated the 
inventors update mechanism. I've got a Hex File and a copy of the 
Eeprom, but this is where teaching this stuff myself by googling 
definetely ends.  I basically know what this thing does and how it 
works. The PCB's are used in some locks mounted to bikes for rent, 
similar to oBike for example. The company I'm working for bought a 
really big bunch of old bycicles with these locks. I'm the companies 
webdev, they put this thing on my table saying 'you are doing something 
with computers, can't be to hard to reuse this things'. I just need to 
figure out how they assign the lcd, I want to put my code on these 
things (I already checked for the lock bit, it's not set) reusing all 
the periphals except the wireless module. Is there any way I can achieve 
this and to, I don't know, read how they assigned the lcd display from 
the code? Once again, I'm sorry, I'm absolutely not into this whole 
microcontroller thing. I do not know if this is possible at all, but I 
just don't know where to ask. It's okay if this involves hiring someone 
who is a real programmer and not just someone who is just googling like 
me, but I just don't know where to ask. Do you know any company or 
something offering a service for this?
Greetings, rtuz2th

von harris (Guest)

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you have to understand avr assembler to modify any firmware...i think 
you'll loose, but just try it, the free Luna Studio 
https://avr.myluna.de has a integrated disassembler.

just learn programming and write a new firmware

good luck!


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