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von Emil Lagrange (Guest)

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I have to make a project for my class. I must use a FPGA NEXYS4 DRR, and 
make a viscometer programing using VHDL, but the problem is that i cant 
do it in Vhdl, i add a file that i make in arduino, if someone can help 
me to make the program it will be very usefull.

von Lothar M. (lkmiller) (Moderator)

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Simply forget the Arduino program, because Arduino ist a platform that 
hides the tricky hardware. And on the FPGA you only do hardware.

To implement all of the functionality from the Arduino program in a HDL 
description is a very challenging task for one never has done anything 
with an FPGA.
Or did you do some simple exercises already? A LED flasher? A chasing 
light? Reacting on buttons?

Start with the mentioned exercises. And at last control the chasing 
light (speed, direction, pattern) with buttons. Always(!!!) do a 
simulation prior to go on real hardware.

You will have to split your exercise in several modules. I would do a 
module handling the LCD, one doing the interface to the sensor, one that 
calculates the values to be displayed, and a top-level module that 
handles the data stream.

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von Theor (Guest)

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I bet, that would be useful! :-)

Can you think of something else, we could do for you in regard to this 
issue? Something, more specific about it?

In doubt about what and how to ask, read some of the articles about 
"netiquette" around; n particular this: 
http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html#homework But the 
whole article is also worth reading.


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