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von Emanuel S. (emanuel_s)

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Hello dear Communty,

This seems to be the greatest competence in electronics that I could 
find, so I have a lot of questions, I start with a few, think too much 
at once is not good?


I would like to reach a constant room temperature because of an 
autonomous dysfunction, disorder of the autonomic nervous system, 
unfortunately, the normal heating is unsuitable.

The first question, which temperature gauges do I need here? Best a 
quartz vibration sensor, or what these are called, right?

With this I could control heating elements by means of a control unit, 
eg PC with interface.

In addition, I would need a control of humidity, I believe rich here any 
normal sensor? The air just should not be too dry.

The question then would be nnur how I humidify the air, I have not found 
a suitable answer, you would need a controllable humidifier. Or do you 
have an idea?

Furthermore, there would still be a question, if I have CO2, and pCO2 
sensors, etc, can then be rebuilt something like that s.PC?

Ebay-Artikel Nr. 112978931473: 
pf: 0

Would probably cheaper to buy the same device?

Actually, I only need the CO2 module and that's also needed, and stop 

So hope that was not too much now.

Kind regards

von just a guy (Guest)

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Huch, that's difficult to understand, but I'll try to give my best.

Why are you trying to build a device to control the air quality by 
I think it would be much easier to just buy a single device.

First: Do you have any experiences about programming and electronics? 
That would be needed or deeply recommended.

The parts you need are depending on the room(s) you have.

I think there must be any device somewhere on the market wich are fine 
for you.

Hope I could have helped you


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