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von M.M. (Guest)

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I have created a minimal example of my problem. In the c file I 
initialize an array with 16 elements. Then I call a function with the 
array pointer and its size as parameter. The function itself works, I've 
verified that with the disassembly file. Also the stackpointer 
initialisation works fine. The problem is that the function parameter of 
the array pointer is wrong. I checked it and the origin of failure is at 
the very beginning of the main section. Here the pointer gets stored on 
the stack.

What I don't understand: The array values are stored in the .rodata 
section. This section begins at 0x1000. So the pointer to the array 
should also be 0x1000. In the disassembly 0x1000 gets loaded into a5 
(the right value). But then it loads the value of address a5 into a4. So 
0x1000 represents a pointer to a pointer to the array, which makes no 
sense imho. Has anyone a idea what I'm doing wrong?

Here is all the information needed:

c program:
    void test(uint8_t *array, int size){
        for(int i; i<size; ++i){
            LED_ADDR = array[i];
    int main(){
        uint8_t buf[] = {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15};
        test(buf, 16);
linker script:
    OUTPUT_ARCH( "riscv" )
    ROMSIZE = 0x1000;
    ROM_OFFSET = 0x0000;
    RAMSIZE = 0x1000;
    RAM_OFFSET = 0x1000;
    /* provide variables for startup code (stack init) */
    ENTRY (start)
    MEMORY {
        rom (rx) : ORIGIN = ROM_OFFSET, LENGTH = ROMSIZE
        ram (!rx) : ORIGIN = RAM_OFFSET, LENGTH = RAMSIZE
        .reset : { <PROJECTPATH>/obj/startup.o } > rom    /* startup code */
        .text : { *(.text) } > rom                        /* executable data */
        .rodata : { *(.rodata) } > ram                    /* read only data */
        .sdata : { *(.sdata) } > ram                      /* init vars */
        .bss (NOLOAD) : { *(.bss) FILL(0x0f); } > ram    /* uninit data */
disassembly file important parts:
-in .text, beginning of main(): Pointer of array should be stored on 
stack I assume:
    80:  000017b7    lui     a5,0x1      # a5 = first ram addr: begin of .rodata
    84:  0007a703    lw      a4,0(a5)    # a4 = content of this addr?!?!?!
    88:  fee42023    sw      a4,-32(s0)  # a4 gets stored on stack
-.rodata, contains values of array:
    Disassembly of section .rodata:
    00001000 <.rodata>:
    1000:  0100
    1002:  0302
    1004:  0504
    100e:  0f0e

von M.M. (Guest)

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