Forum: Analog Circuits ultra low current high impedance ADC with MUX for 0-5V rail to rail

von Matthias W. (matt007)

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for a data logger I am searching for an ad converter with low current 
consumption, 14 to 16bit, 0-5V range rail to rail, imput mux for 8 
inputs or more and high impedance.

There are chips like ADAS3022 - 8ch high impedance, accurate, but 
unfortunately current consumption in the 15 and more mA range.

There also is the old 7109 - but not capable up to 5V. Using extra 
resistors for dividing is not wanted here. Also OP amps in front are not 
so fine because of additional error, space, cost, consumption.

The integrating principle seems to be fine 
(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Evf-wbe_WM8 Integrating or Dual Slope 
ADC (Analog to Digital Converter).

Unfortunately I do not know a chip going to 5V input without using an 
external divider.

Did somebody build something like that willing to share his knowledge?
Is a chip known like ADAS3022 - but with 0-5V range and much less 
current consumption?

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