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von Nirmit (Guest)

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I am using Honeywell pressure sensor to measure  pressure of air in a 

for this have to use I2C Communication with pic PIC16F1787

I attached circuit for this

is my Circuit is perfect ? Help me out
in programming side i used I2C protocol
for Honeywell air pressure sensor's Digital I2C address is 0X49.
to reading data from sensor
the program flow are 1st master send data to slave
>send start condition
> send Digital address (0X48)
> stop condition
2ndly read data from slave means slave response to master
> start condition
> Digital address (0x49)
> than reading data

moreover for same program for RTC DS1307  slave
i am getting data from RTC with RTC address in same program but i am not 
even getting garbage value for Honeywell sensor for same I2C pin and 

so is there any programming change for this particular sensor
is there any additional change for this sensor for I2C protocol 

Data sheet of Honeywell sensor is

please help me out


Thank You

Er. Nirmit Patel

von void (Guest)

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> Honeywell pressure sensor

The 12th digit of the sensors order code is 2, 3, 5, 6 or 7?

Mismatching "7-bit vs. 8-bit" I2C address format used?


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