Forum: ARM programming with GCC/GNU tools [QUESTION] Satnav firmware disassembly - help required :)

von RowanX (Guest)

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I have disassembled Garmin Nuvi satnav firmware but need some help 
isolating the part code that launches the annoying popup disclaimer that 
appears on every boot, requiring user to click "Accept" and waste 10 
secs of boot time. I tried asking for help on various satnav forums 
without success. So I'm trying here instead to see if any kind soul is 
interested in helping me explore it further. :)

If interested, more info:

Garmin nuvi 2599 LMT-D firmware 

Step 1: use RGN Tool to extract binary blobs from the above firmware.
This will output fw_all.bin, boot.bin, resources_9E05.bin & 

Step 2: use IDA with garmin-ida-loader.ldw to disassemble fw_all.bin. 
For best results, disable "BL jumps detection" after clicking "Processor 
options" (credit to moddie for that tip).

Step 3: need help. :)

Any help much appreciated. Thanks.

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