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von Stefan Witzel (Guest)

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While trying to fix something I broke out a bridge that connected two 
SMD contacts. As you can see, the top contact has some metal shimmering 
through but the bottom one has not. Is there any hope to establish a 
contact to the board after the SMD contacts are broken off?

von Pekka TAUSSI (Guest)

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Guten Tag
Kotka, Finland 12. Nov.-17
my radio: GRUNDIG Satellite  300 from 1985

The loyal good 40 years old constantly working Grundig Satellite 300 
radio started do strange things once the voice unexpectedly disappeared 
for some tens of seconds. Later an other time the voice disappeared for 
a minute or two but after after a while of complete silence the voice 
returned again.
When switching on the radio first it gives no sound at all but after a 
couple of minutes the voice returns again.
The local radio repair shop fellow thinks the fail is in the circuit 
I am interested in learning if there is a source of contact who might 
advise me that where to contact in Germany to buy spareparts to my 
Satellite 300.

sender: Pekka TAUSSI, Vanhalantie 30, 48310 Kotka
        mail:  p.taussi@kymp.net  ph. +358 30 3700 296 (am in whatsup)

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