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von Josh R. (Company: ALE CO Ltd) (jrodenba)

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I am running Libero V11.8 with a Proasic3 A3P060-100VQFP attached to a 
10MHz clock.
I am trying to get my first ever sketch running, it's extremely simple. 
One input CLK, and 4 outputs LED (3 downto 0), the code is below, it 
seems to check out fine.

It synthesizes with no problem, but then I go to set the I/O constraints 
and run into a big problem.
I click on "Create/Edit I/O Constraints", it brings up the Designer and 
the MultiView Navigator (see attached screenshot), it lists all the 
outputs LED[0-3], but it doesn't list the CLK input.  Because it doesn't 
list the CLK input I have no way of assigning it the onboard clock and 
the program doesn't do anything.

How do I get it to allow me to attach the the input?  I tried renaming 
CLK and even adding other inputs, but none of them appear in the 
constraints editor.
I'm sure there is something simple I am missing, if anyone can point it 
out I'd be grateful.

-- Company: <Name>
-- File: LED.vhd
-- File history:
--      <Revision number>: <Date>: <Comments>
--      <Revision number>: <Date>: <Comments>
--      <Revision number>: <Date>: <Comments>
-- Description: 
-- <Description here>
-- Targeted device: <Family::ProASIC3> <Die::A3P060> <Package::100 VQFP>
-- Author: <Name>

library IEEE;

use IEEE.std_logic_1164.all;

entity LED is
port (
    CLK : in std_logic;
    LED : out std_logic_vector (3 downto 0)
end LED;
architecture architecture_LED of LED is
    signal pulse : std_logic := '0';
    signal count : integer range 0 to 9999999 := 0;

        if (CLK' event and CLK = '1') then
            if count = 9999999 then
                count <= 0;
                pulse <= not pulse;
                count <= count + 1;
            end if;
        end if;
    end process;
    LED (3 downto 0) <= (others => pulse); 
end architecture_LED;

von Josh R. (Company: ALE CO Ltd) (jrodenba)

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I started the project over from scratch and when I went to assign the 
I/O pins, CLK showed up and I was able to assign it to the onboard 
The LEDs blink now.  Still no clue as to what I did wrong the first 
time, hopefully the issue won't come up again.


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