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I have a Gould Datasys 944A storage oscilloscope with a serious battery 
problem. All these scopes use a 3.6V Ni-MH battery on the cpu pcb board.
The battery leaks after a long time and the acid destroys the copper on 
the pcb. I had stored this scope, which was working well, for 7 months. 
I needed it
the last week and it was not working anymore. The battery had done his 
I removed the battery and cleaned the pcb. Several printline were 
I tried to solve it but it was nearly impossible to follow the 
connections without removing several chips. I tried to find a service 
manual on the net but didnt find it. Even a service manual from the 800 
series is ok because it uses the same cpu pcb. I searched again on the 
net and found a link in the States, who had sold Gould there, but he 
couldnt help me.
An old collegue had a Gould Datasys 840 which he does not use anymore.
I got the scope and the operating manual, but no luck..The same problem 
with the battery and the cpu pcb even worse : the memory chips fell off 
the board when you touch them.
So if anyone has a service manual for the 800 or 900 series please let 
me know. I will pay for it!
The only thing i could do now is desoldering some IC from the 800 board 
to follow the broken lines on the 900 board.
If you have a working Gould scope move your battery from the CPU pcb to 
somewher else...


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