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von Marcus (Guest)

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I have an incomplete Layout in a limited version of EAGLE. I already use 
up all of the available space, so moving the Board boudaries is not an 
Due to a misjudgement of space I need to move a selectable group of 
carefully aligned parts (mount holes for a display, buttons, display).
Is there a way to tell Eagle to move the entire group, lets say 10mm to 
the left? I dont want them to move up or down, as could accidentally 
happen when I use my mouse. I have seen something like this in other CAD 
Software, where you could use the arrow-keys and type in the distance.

von Falk (Guest)

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Simply GROUP your components, then set the grid to 10mm, finally MOVE 
the group. Since the grid is set to 10mm, its fairly easy.

von Falk (Guest)

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You can also use the command line for this.

GROUP the components using the mouse, then type in the command line

move (> 0 0)

This will select the group in the origin 0 0

(10 0)

This will drop the group at the coordinates 10 0

This way you can move a group easy and precicely by any offset.

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