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von Arduino fan (Guest)

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I have connected an Arduino nano with a nRF24L01 module. Can I simply 
use the command  curl or which library I need to include in my c code 
for this command?


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von Stefan ⛄ F. (stefanus)

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Curl is one of many HTTP command line clients designed to be executed on 
a desktop computer operating system.

What do you want to do?

Are we talking about programming the Arduino nano or programming the 
Linux/Windows/Mac Computer?

von Arduino fan (Guest)

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I want to program the Arduino by getting temperature from an one wire 
temp element and then update a variable via curl on my smarthome system. 
That's why I need the curl

von Clueless (Guest)

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There are many, many, many Arduino examples doing just that: Read a 
DS18B20 One-Wire Sensor, store that information by HTTP-Put into the 
cloud/on a RasPi/HomeServer/NAS/...

However those examples tend to use a ESP8266 (or to run on the ESP8266 
entirely), because with that Wifi module TCP/IP is already taken care 

Not sure how you want to use HTTP over nRF24, you have a second Arduino 
with another nRF24-Chip somewhere connected to the Network?

If TCP is taken care of: You can't use curl on the Arduino. Similar 
functionality is, for example, provided by the "HttpClient"-Arduino 



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