Forum: µC & Digital Electronics Program STM32 Board with a GUI in Matlab Simulink

von EMVA (Guest)

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Hello everybody,

I write my master thesis, in which a microcontroller is to be 
Since I had little idea of ​​the programming of μC, I used the 
programming with the Matlab supportpackage (Simulink Coder Support 
Package for STMicroelectronics Nucleo Boards), which allows only the 
Arduino connectors of the STM32 F401RE board to be used.
This means that there is little adjustment for the board with this tool 

For this reason, I look for another possibility. This should be possible 
with the toolchain.

- Simulink should be used.
- Parameters should be changed with a slider
- The blocks in Simulink should be set with these parameters.
- These parameters are, for example, the PWM-wide of a PWM block whose 
c-routine is installed on the μC.
- There should also be I/O blocks with which values ​​from the board can 
be read in and can be displayed using scope.
- It is almost as similar as controldesk, the code should not be loaded 
every time on the μC board. (Not as in the external mode of Simulink)

The first step is to set the brightness of an LED with a slider in 

Thanks for your help

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