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von nairolf_sch (Guest)

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Hello you great people,

I´m searching for a possibility to connect a big old LCD panel via 

The panel is from IPS Alpha Technology and has the number AX094F040E.
The datasheet i found sadly is only for similiar model:


Is there a simple way to find a matching controller board or if not 
availible could you tell me the way to go deeper and maybe finding 
another solution?
There is also the T-Con Board and the power supply of the old TV still 
screwed on the back, can this mabybe help?

Since i´m currently at the start of my bachelor in electrical 
engineering, i´m motivated to get it done ;)
But the game is not worth the candle please tell me that!

I appreciate any kind of help.
Thank you a lot,


von Tom (Guest)

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Take this one :
Ebay-Artikel Nr. 271175654997
Try to find one with programming kit. This board can be programmed via 
vga connector. Or build one by yourself its just simple rs232 as far as 
i remember. This way you will be able to flash the controller with any 
display config you desire.
It does not support hdcp, but there is a workaround with hdmi-splitters 
from china, just google for it ;)

Good luck

von Hurra (Guest)

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You may want to look at this:

The TFP401 is only DVI 1.1, so if you want to use view copy protected 
material, it will not be possible.

There are boards out there, which uses this concelt. For Example:

Look for "HDMI LVDS converter".

The LVDS-interface ist not standadized, so check them carefully.


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