Forum: ARM programming with GCC/GNU tools Develop GUI interface for a microcontroller as arduino or similar

von Erotavlas E. (erotavlas)

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I'm new of this forum. I'm looking for a software/library that allows to 
create a simple GUI (buttons, check box, menù, etc.) that is able to 
realize a function with a microcontroller as arduino (switching on a 
light, powering a motor, etc.).
I know these projects: processing (java), wiring (C++), fritzing. 
Moreover, for python I found this project https://micropython.org/ and 
this project https://openmv.io/ tailored to solve computer vision 
problems with microcontroller.
Do you know about similar project? What is the best in your opinion? I 
would like to use it in a secondary school.

Thank you

von Dftzzh (Guest)

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