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like the topic says, I have two buses (different names) and its wires 
need to be connected to the same pin respectively.

But as soon as I do that Eagle pops up a dialog with the error "Kann die 
Bus-Segmente 'SCANLINE2H16' und 'SCANLINEH16' nicht verbinden".

My first attempt was having only one bus (i.e. just SCANLINEH instead of 
SCANLINEH and SCANLINE2H) which worked.
But I can't do that because I'm using modules so the pins are always in 
the same order. But I need to mirror layout on the board, which I can't 
do because the pin order is wrong.

So my next idea was to use two different buses which connect to the same 
component (JP4 and JP2) but with the reverse order. But as written above 
I can't get past that error.

Is there any way to connect them?

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