Forum: PCB Design & Technology Identification LCD board from Buderus Mec 2

von Done01 (Guest)

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i want to know the LCD 16x4 "Type"; manufacturer and controller from 
Buderus MEC2. The flex cable from LCD to the controller is defect.
The flex cable from main platine to controller has 18 pins:

Pin 1    -   Vss;
Pin 2    -   Vdd;
Pin 3    -   Vo
Pin 4    -   ?
Pin 5    -   ?
Pin 6    -   ?
Pin 7    -   ?
Pin 8 - 15   could be Data bus line
Pin 16   -   ?
Pin 17   -   A
Pin 18   -   k

maybe 2 special Pins for the Special symbols.

I hope i will get a other LCD who also works with MEC2.
I dont need the special symbols.


von Paweł Orłowski (Guest)

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to się naprawia  tel 607411341

von Mathias N. (Company: Kobold Inc) (alfrede)

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von Stéphane (Guest)

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I am looking for a LCD  DGL-0502YG-2  to replace the one on my Buderus 
MEC2 controler.

Thank you

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