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von Fatemeh E. (ehhsani)

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I'm not able to simulate my WISHBONE EFB in Active_HDL 10.1 simulation 
tool of the Lattice Diamond 3.5.
Actually there is no EFB module declared in simulation library file for 
Only the EFB component declaration exist in "MACHXO2COMP.vhd" file but 
the whole definition of the component doesn't exist. 
"C:/lscc/diamond/3.5/active-hdl/efb_src/EFB.v was not found"
Can anyone tell me how I can simulate an EFB module?


von cfgardiner (Guest)

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If you are using the Lattice Aldec environment, then the technology 
libraries should all be precompiled. Try adding
Library machxo2;

and maybe also
Library pmi_work;

at the start of your architecture file.

von Fatemeh E. (ehhsani)

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Thanks for your answer,
Yes, I use the ALDEC Active_HDL 10.1

If I explain my problem clearly I should say that
I CAN'T see any simulation output result in Active_HDL simulation tool, 
when I use the ipexpress to create a module.

I created an adder with ipexpress.(figure 1) The tb file was created 
automatically. I add MACHXO2, ovi_machxo2 and pmi_work library to the 
design like this:

library MACHXO2;
use MACHXO2.components.all;
library ovi_machxo2;
use ovi_machxo2.all;
library pmi_work;
use pmi_work.all;

machxo2 has components as you see in (figure 2)
but pmi_work has no component to use so when I write 
"work.pmi_components.all;" compiler got an error so I change it to 

After all, I can't see the result (figure 3),
But I can see the result when I add MACHXO2_CMB.vhd and MACHXO2CMP.vhd 
to my project in MODELSIM and the problem will be solved.
But when I use the EFB from ipexpress there isn't any EFB component, I 
mean I don't have any access to EFB source file to be added to the 
Modelsim (figure 4).
I don't know what the problem is. How others simulate their design on 


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