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von RICHARD F. (Company: Rhodes University) (richardfoss)

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If I am writing a controller application, how do I create the controller 
GUID that goes into the controller entity ID field of, for example a 

Thanks for any help with this!

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von Andre L. (andrelabelle)

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IEEE Std 1722.1-2013 just says it should be unique. It makes sense to 
use a host interface MAC-48 and append a random number to make up 64 

von Richard Foss (Guest)

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Hi Andre,
Thanks for the post and apologies for the slow reply. I had previously 
received an answer from Jeff Koftinoff, which confirmed what you 
indicated. I think it would be helpful to quote Jeff, and I don't think 
he would mind:

"The controller is an entity. The same rules apply for the entity as 
others; specifically, it needs to be unique on the network, it needs to 
be prefixed by a IEEE assigned OUI  MA-L  MA-M or MA-S

Typically, people find the “Primary MAC address” of the computer that 
the controller is running on.

This is a six byte value: UU:VV:WW:XX:YY:ZZ.

You then convert this to an EUI-64 in the way IEEE specifies: 
And this would then be the controller’s Entity ID (GUID is an old term 
which has different definitions)

If you need more than one controller per computer, then you would 
replace the middle FF:FE with two byte values so that each controller 
running on the computer would get a unique ID."

My AVDECC messages are working fine with this approach.


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