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von Farin U. (farin_u86)

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currently, I am looking into a possible hardware and firmware 
development project in our company.

Therefore I would like to know if there are any compulsory requirements 
in regard of used components (microprocessor), tools and development 

I find quite often key-word like MISRA, ISO 26262, ASIL D...

What is recommended, what is compulsory, etc.? Our product will be 
brakes related and therefore we are targeting a safe product. No 
worries, we won't do that development by ourselves but would to know as 
much as possible about the safety side as possible.

For example:

Could I use a CGG compiler to develop firmware?
Do I need a specific processor?

Could someone shed some lights on these topics.


von Eric B. (beric)

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MISRA is a C/C++ coding standard that your software should adhere to. 
It's not compulsory, but highly recommended. It is meant to reduce the 
risk of erroneous behaviour by faulty software.

The ISO-26262 defines standards and procedures regarding product safety, 
that you need to follow for the complete development of your product, 
mechanics, hardware and software. The ASIL level is related to the risk 
that a malfunctioning system poses upon the user. E.g. the 
airconditioning in the will typically have a relatively low risk level 
(ASIL-A or QM ("meaning "no risk")), whereas something related to the 
brakes will definitely have a high risk level: ASIL-D.

Whether you can use a certain processor or compiler all depends on the 
complete system. It is possible to develop an ASIL-D (highest risk 
level) with an Arduino or two, if you really want to; but then you'll 
need to put an enormous amount of effort into implementing all the 
required safety machanisms. Without knowing anything about your product 
except that it is "brakes related", it is impossible to tell.

Considering all that, I would strongly suggest that you get support from 
an established automotive supplier, instead of looking on a hobby-ist 
forum like this one.

Send me an PM if you'd like to know more. I am an freelance embedded 
systems professional and been developing safety related products for the 
automotive industry for several years.


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