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von James (Guest)

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Hello everybody,

I am just wondering over a topic that keeps me busy, the periodical link 

The question is if a Raman amplifiers should be deployed at the begin or 
at the end of a section sonsiting of SSMF, DCF and amplifier?

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von Christoph db1uq K. (christoph_kessler)

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A lot of abbreviations... You will get more answers when you explain 
what its all about.

Ok, a Raman amplifier is used for optical cables
DCF seems to be "Double-clad fiber"
and SSMF is Standard-Singlemode-Fiber

In radio frequency technology a preamplifier should be the first stage 
after the antenna to avoid additional noise. But there might be strong 
out-of band signals that need to be suppressed before the amplifier by 
band pass filtering.

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von Guest (Guest)

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At the end of the link shining backwards into the fiber. That way you 
can get a nearly lossless link and you don't have overly strong 
nonlinearities at the beginning of the link.

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