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von Luis Sarmiento (Guest)

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Hello dear Community!

Reading an application note about fiber optic receivers I was referred 
to download a Gerber Artwork from the manufacturer's website. The file 
is though als .exe to download. I don't know how I can open/import it. 
Renaming it does not work and simply opening it won't work either.

The file is listed here:


Concretely, I am interested in the file titled "[exe] Printed circuit 
artwork Trans1.exe for circuits 3 & 4 shown in AN 1121"

Could anyone try and open the file herself?

Thank you very much for your comments.


von Max G. (l0wside)

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7Zip can open the file.
- Install 7Zip (free ZIP decoder/encoder)
- Right click on the EXE file
- Select "7Zip->Open"

Done - the Gerber files are inside the EXE.


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